Paul Alting van Geusau
Freelance Solutions Designer for
A seasoned designer and developer of hardware and software systems catering for individuals and industry.
Providing assistance to realise critical goals and outcomes through identifying with and understanding specific project needs.
Areas of interest include:
Embedded Systems

I am again focusing on small embedded systems after working mostly in main stream automation and instrumentation of process control systems for the past decade and a half.

Development with a variety of micro-controllers over many years has provided me a reasonable foundation in embedded systems architecture. My days started many years ago with the Signetics 2650 8bit CPU, progressing to other devices such as 6800 variants and Z80 based designs. More recently I use popular Atmel (now Microchip) 8 and 32 bit micro-controllers.

Optimised and unique in each case, embedded control systems have always been my first love. Designing PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) based control systems I would often think how I could achieve similar designs employing embedded systems for a smaller and more cost effective solution. Of course, using embedded systems is not always appropriate.

With the increase in the widespread development and acceptance of the ubiquitous micro-controller and embedded systems generally, especially in new and emerging areas such as the arts and home and building automation I expect we will shall see an exciting period ahead with new concepts and innovations, and one that I am keen to be part of.

Having come full circle, I choose to utilise embedded systems where I think it is an appropriate and effective solution.

Some project examples:
  • Specialised personal medical cardio exercise product,
  • Interactive art based 6m high talking sculptural rubbish bins,
  • Data logging environmental sensors for scientific analysis,
  • Industrial high power linear positioner actuator controllers,
  • Grain silo product environmental conditions monitoring and control,
  • Remote area power systems (RAPS) with micro-hydro turbine and solar photo-voltaic panels.


Experienced in wide range of process control systems engineering, from small to the medium sized industrial projects. For automation project work, I offer my engineering services within the Australian territory.

Past involved projects:
  • Clear water treatment plants,
  • Waste water treatment plants,
  • Ship loading and conveyor systems,
  • Agricultural crop environmental storage sheds,
  • Building energy management and control systems,
  • Hydro-electric and gas power generator utilities,
  • Vineyard weather stations and disease prediction,
  • Data radio telemetry systems for short and long haul data links.
Some of these projects are large and typically comprise both PLC and SCADA systems.

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Tasmania, Australia